RAC-J500B-P4 Review

Instead of building onto the Hit Box concept, RetroArcadeCrafts delivers what seems to be an unfinished product that fails at perfecting many aspects, even the most crucial aspect: the buttons.

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Hori Fighting Stick Review

The Fighting Stick seems to be a sort of prototype for other Hori fightsticks such as the Fighting Stick Mini and the Fighting Stick Mini 4. Although it is compact and stylish, it does not offer much else.

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Hori Fighting Stick Mini Review

Poor ergonomics and difficulty of modification eliminate the Fighting Stick Mini as a contender in the mini fightstick market despite the fact that it does its namesake justice.

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Victrix Pro FS Review

Classy and good looking but also packing in the performance department, Victrix’s only contribution to the generation of fightsticks is to be applauded, although it is not without its flaws.

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Nacon Daija Review

Nacon makes a commendable entry into the current generation of consoles with a fightstick that has its ups and downs but should still be considered by prospective buyers nonetheless.

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