B0XX Review

ReleaseSummer 2021
CompatibilityWU / GC / N64 / PC
Dimensions16” x 8” x 1.4”
Weight3.8 lbs

Other Edition

Matte Edition – B0XX

Quick Facts

  • Designed by Aziz “Hax$” Alyami specifically for Super Smash Bros Melee
  • Produced by Stephen “Streamlord” Kasmir
  • Programmed by Kyle “simple” McDowell
  • Tournament legal at Melee events from Genesis to The Big House
  • With twenty Sanwa buttons


The B0XX is latency free, up to a frame faster than other box controllers, and allows you to piano aerials, wave dashes, and multi shines with two fingers instead of just one. It is thin, portable, and comfortable for the wrists. Besides having buttons for directions instead of a joystick, it includes Sanwa parts, but the buttons outshine the switches, which feel mushy, are probably not durable, and are a hassle to replace. Consider the alternative button kit.

The upper right buttons may feel too close for you, but nothing game breaking. Regardless, the two additional buttons improve light shielding, and angling recovery moves like Firefox can be mastered within minutes.


There are three profiles to be chosen from using a side toggle to simultaneously activate multiple layouts, and attached is designer software to freely map buttons. Hardware considerations to ensure that the B0XX is revolutionary include a thickness of 1.4 inches and weight of 3.8 lbs. No Wii U adapter is necessary, and included USB-C cables allow GameCube, Nintendo 64, and PC connectivity. No switches are needed: functionality is automatically swapped based on the game being played.

In case you would like to disengage the B0XX’s digital inputs and switch to analog control, you can plug in your own Wii Nunchuk. Want to protect your precious B0XX from getting scratched? You are in luck because there is a faux leather sleeve. You may prefer your own cables due to length issues, though. There is an extra cable for sale. If you want to mod the interior, be aware that the wiring harness is tighter than average.


First off, the chamfered edges are very smooth. The glossy black finish is decent, but it immediately shows imperfections upon usage, such as fingerprints. Palm sweat not only accumulates visibly, it may also get in the way of your performance as well as it piles up rapidly, depending on how much you sweat, of course.

Our Carlos Martinez made art for the B0XX before:


This is a one-of-a-kind product that is hard to find elsewhere, well, unless you go with the Frame1 that seems to be made by the same team.

  • Total gamechanger
  • Well chamfered
  • Subpar switches
  • Fingerprint collector



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