B0XX Preview

PlatformsWU / GC / N64 / PC
Size16.0” x 8.0” x 1.4”
Weight3.80 lbs


The Super Smash Bros. community got its first glimpse into an all-buttons controller with the Smash Box, which has received mixed reviews. Besides having buttons for directions instead of a joystick, it includes Sanwa parts, which up the performance. There are three profiles to be chosen from using a side toggle to simultaneously activate multiple layouts, and attached is designer software to freely map buttons. However, the design quality was not sufficient for a team called 20XX…

Designed by Aziz “Hax$” Alyami, produced by Stephen “Streamlord” Kasmir, and programmed by Kyle “simple” McDowell, the B0XX is what they claim to be a controller that Super Smash Bros. Melee has needed since its inception. That is because they think that the GameCube controller is marred by ergonomic shortcomings. With twenty Sanwa buttons, the 20XX has developed a tournament legal concept that is accepted at prestigious Melee events from Genesis to The Big House.

The B0XX is latency free, up to a frame faster than other box controllers, and it allows you to piano aerials, wave dashes, and multi shines with two fingers instead of just one. Angling recovery moves like Firefox can be mastered within minutes. The two additional buttons improve light shielding. Otherwise, hardware considerations to ensure that the B0XX is revolutionary include a thickness of 1.4 inches and weight of 3.8 lbs. Furthermore, no Wii U adapter is necessary, and included USB-C cables allow easy GameCube, Nintendo 64, and PC connectivity, No switches are needed: functionality is automatically swapped based on the game being played. In case you would like to disengage the B0XX’s digital inputs and switch to analog control, you can plug in your own Wii Nunchuk. Want to protect your precious B0XX from getting scratched? You are in luck because there is a premium faux leather sleeve.

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