FightBox F1 Review

FightBox F1
ReleaseApril 17, 2021
CompatibilityPS5 / PS4 / PS3 / PSC / XSX / XB1 / X360 / NS / WU / PC
Dimensions13.8” x 7.9” x 1.8”
Cable3 m
Weight3.31 lbs


Quick Facts

  • The controller can also be compatible with the Neogeo Mini, Sega Genesis Mini, and Android.
  • This is a clone of the RAC-J800B by the same company.


The FightBox F1 has Sanwa OBSF buttons. Just like standard hitboxes, three of the directional buttons are 24 mm, and the jump button is 30 mm.

The attack buttons are Sanwa too, but the secondary function buttons are not Sanwa. They are stiffer, which is a blessing in disguise because there is a lower chance you will press them accidentally during play.

The case material is metal that feels good. The panel material is acrylic that is not malleable. The weight is decent. There are six rubber feet at the bottom, which are stable enough to not make the F1 slide during play, but it is also possible to move the F1 around if you want to, making it a win-win situation.

Depending on your edition, there is SOCD cleaning support, so you cannot be disqualified from a tournament for pressing and activating opposite directions simultaneously.


The PlayStation edition has four buttons on the back for R3, L3, share, and the touchpad. It has two buttons on the side as home and options buttons as well. As for the cable, it is a USB type B-to-A.

Opening up the case may take longer than average. You can remove the six bottom screws with a tool such as the Philips PH1.

You can then use a long flathead screwdriver to access the top panel plastic nail retainers through the bottom. Then, remove the two USB screws, which is a useful implementation that allows you to replace the USB port if needed. The case is quite thin, but you will notice that the wiring inside is neat, which is quite impressive.


The combination of white and red works quite nicely for the F1. You can choose a primarily black edition as well. The finish is of a decent quality, and minimalists should be particularly fond of the color scheme.

If you choose the black edition, the top acrylic panel can show fingerprint smudges, but that is expected with acrylic, and you can always wipe down smudges with a cloth intermittently.

The bottom panel may have questionable imprints in addition to two vents that seem unnecessary for fighting game controllers because they are not known to overheat. Regardless, you will not be seeing the bottom panel during most of your playtime.

If you go for the clear acrylic edition and would like custom art for your FightBox F1, our artist, Felipe Fernandez, can do that for you. He has already created a custom design with the template and can do the same for your F1:

Berserk artwork
Berserk artwork


Sanwa buttons and decent hardware make the FightBox F1 the best bargain on the hitbox market.

  • Sanwa buttons
  • Firm function buttons
  • SOCD cleaning
  • Acrylic quality
  • Satisfyingly thin design
  • Moderate weight
  • Organized interior
  • Replaceable USB port
  • Custom art edition
  • Multiple variations
  • Diverse compatibility
  • Fingerprint smudging
  • Bottom panel appearance
  • Unscrewing process