Mayflash F500 FLAT Review

Mayflash F500 FLAT
ReleaseMay 1, 2024
Compatibility*PS5 / PS4 / PS3 / XSX / XB1 / X360 / NS / PC / Android
Dimensions14.2″ x 9.1″ x 2.4″
Weight5.8 lbs
Cable3 m
*The Magic-S Ultimate is needed for PlayStation 5 compatibility.


The Mayflash F500 FLAT is an all-button installment in the long running F500 series. The metallic controller also has L3 and R3 buttons as action buttons. All the face buttons are 24 mm, except for the 30 mm jump button.


The buttons feel a little clunky and sound louder than average. However, they still operate decently, and the start button being recessed makes it harder to press accidentally.

The width of the F500 FLAT makes it comfortable for both desk and lap play. The controller is big enough with plenty of wrist space. Plus, the four rubber feet at the bottom enhance stability.

There are five SOCD cleaning modes, which are default mode, standard mode, tournament mode, first input priority, and last input priority.

As for the two turbo speeds, they include 15 times or 25 times per second. For your convenience, there are turbo and mode light indicators.

Here are the secondary toggles and buttons:

  1. XInput/DInput/PS3/SNK
  2. LS/DP/RS
  3. Turbo-1/Turbo-2
  4. Turbo
  5. Touchpad
  6. Select/back/share/view
  7. PS/home
  8. Start/options/menu


The F500 FLAT is not too heavy to carry around. Its metallic enclosure and base increase the overall security. Furthermore, there is a headphone jack. Next to the jack are a mute button and another port for a rumble wrist strap.

If needed, the buttons are easy to replace because of the highly visible bottom screws. Sanwa buttons are compatible. Moreover, the F500 FLAT’s interior is organized and color coded.

A native controller may be needed when playing on some consoles. Grab the Mayflash Magic-S Ultimate for PlayStation 5 compatibility if you like.

Otherwise, the cable comes out of a compartment on the left side, and the F500 FLAT also comes with USB-C, micro USB, and OTG USB cables.


The F500 FLAT has a simple color scheme, with the buttons being purple. If your F500 FLAT accumulates smudges after some time, you can wipe them off with a cloth.

There is a clear acrylic panel, and you can order our custom artwork service here at The Arcade Stick if you like. Check out this F500 FLAT art by our teammate, Milford Peynado:


The Mayflash F500 FLAT is a decent entry into the world of stickless and leverless controllers.

  • Decent parts
  • Nifty features
  • Size versatility
  • High moddability
  • Diverse compatibility