The Caffeinated Artists Overview

Wood & Resin Art Arcade/Fight Stick V2 Regular
PriceThe Caffeinated Artists
ReleaseAugust 6, 2022
Dimensions12″ x 7″

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The Caffeinated Artists carry three fightstick models made of wood and resin. These arcade sticks are plug-and-play for the PC. The joysticks are Sanwa, and the buttons & PCBs are EG STARTS.

The default button layout is not reminiscent of the Vewlix layout nor the Noir layout, but again, this is customizable when ordering. For this model, there are also two auxiliary buttons in the back left by default. LED seems to be available too.

The arcade sticks are designed for easy access, upgrades, and addons, thanks to the standard sizing. You can order the arcade sticks whichever way you like, specifying the layout, part colors, button brand, button size, and wood type.

Here are the options for the Wood & Resin Art Arcade/Fight Stick V2 Regular:

  • Blue circles pine
  • Green circles pine
  • Green slash pine
  • Red circles pine
  • Red slash pine
  • Yellow ra walnut
  • Rainbow unicorn maple
  • Bees special pine

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