8BitDo N30 Review

The only thing that the N30 Arcade Stick has going for it is its Nintendo aesthetic. Otherwise, this fightstick barely works and will probably serve you better as decoration for your room.

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Hori Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa (NS) Review

The Real Arcade Pro.V Hayabusa NSW-066 is an average fightstick that you can default to if you have no other option for the Nintendo Switch. Its even mixture of upsides and downsides make it a fightstick that does not strongly stand out among competitors.

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Qanba Crystal Review

Ambitious fightsticks are always welcome in the fighting game community, but the Q2 Crystal Joystick Arcade Fighting Stick is overly ambitious in a way that makes it nothing more than average.

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Qanba Drone Review

Qanba’s only mini fightstick contribution to the generation, the N2 Drone Joystick Arcade Fighting Stick, is a hit or miss depending on what you are looking for in a mini fightstick.

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