Hori Fighting Stick Review

The Fighting Stick seems to be a sort of prototype for other Hori fightsticks such as the Fighting Stick Mini and the Fighting Stick Mini 4. Although it is compact and stylish, it does not offer much else.

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Ipega Gladiator Review

Ipega has graced the fighting game community with a mini fightstick, the Ipega-9136, that is even smaller than the standard mini fightstick, and it does a great job at this novel type of product.

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Hori Fighting Stick Mini Review

Poor ergonomics and difficulty of modification eliminate the Fighting Stick Mini as a contender in the mini fightstick market despite the fact that it does its namesake justice.

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Nacon Daija Review

Nacon makes a commendable entry into the generation of consoles with the Daija Arcade Stick that has its ups and downs but should still be considered by prospective buyers nonetheless.

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Sparkfox Universal Review

This is a solid fightstick that is multiplatform and available in two artwork options, with the focal point being its performance that will likely not disappoint.

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Saulabi 4K Review

Saulabi’s 4K Fight Joystick has outlasted the years by becoming a sort of a cult classic for fans of the Korean joystick despite the fact that the stock hardware is in laughable condition.

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