Varmilo FK2 Preview

PriceFumo Shop
ReleaseJuly/August 2024
Dimensions12.7″ x 8.8″ x 1.2″
Weight3 lbs
Cable3 m


The Varmilo FK2 leverless controller is a joint collaboration with the Fumo Shop. The default color is black, and there are also blue & pink editions called Sea Melody and Sakura respectively.

The FK2 has two extra buttons for L3 and R3 in case your fighting game of choice requires such buttons to pull off certain mechanics. There is also a web app for the FK2.

The stickless controller uses Cherry MX Silver switches, and their lifespan is a whopping two billion presses. Also, the FK2 was designed to be quieter.

The FK2 allows you to change the actuation point to your preferred position by 0.1 mm increments ranging from a 1.5 to 2.2 mm stroke. The actuation force is 45 g.

In addition to an LED indicator, there is a toggle for game mode, lock, and PC mode. Featured is SOCD cleaning as well. The function buttons from left to right are:

  • Reset
  • Start
  • Back
  • Guide
  • Unused

The thickness of the FK2 was chosen so that it is comfortable to play on both desks and laps. The carrying case that comes with the FK2 also doubles as a way to increase the height of the FK2 if you want. Moreover, there is a sloped wrist rest. Included is a USB-A to C cable as well as a cable lock.


Fumo Shop

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