LBX Overview

PriceJunkfood Custom Arcades
ReleaseFebruary 5, 2022
Dimensions12.5″ x 6″ x 0.5″
Cable6 ft
Weight1.5 lbs


Junkfood Custom Arcades has launched a mini all-buttons controller for Super Smash Bros! It ships with Junkfood Custom Arcades’ proprietary open-source GCC software, which will be available to download and customize, but the LBX is compatible with other open source firmware as well. Junkfood Custom Arcades suspects that there will be a few options made to work with their own hardware pinout.

The LBX comes standard with Kailh low-profile red switches but is also compatible with other Kailh Choc switches like the red pro or white. As for the custom printed circuit board (PCB), it utilizes hot-swap sockets to make changing switches as easy as possible.

As for the custom black concave keycaps, they come standard on the LBX in addition to silencing pads being available on the store.

Also included is a braided USB-C to GCC cable that is six feet long. Add to that a six foot USB-C to A cable for PC usage! If you opt for the separate Brook upgrade that will be available on the store, you would have standard console fighting game input options for the likes of PS and PC, but do note that soldering is required.

Note that LED was omitted from the LBX due to performance and power concerns.

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