Honcam Arcade Fightstick Review

Honcam Arcade Fightstick
ReleaseAugust 13, 2018
CompatibilityNS / PS4 / PS3 / PC
Dimensions12.7” x 9.9” x 4.4”
Cable2.5 m
Weight3.22 lbs

Quick Facts

  • There is a turbo function with different speed settings.
  • You can apply button remapping and macro functions.
  • This is a clone of the Lioncast.


The arcade layout is present in the Honcam Arcade Fighting Stick. The unit is hefty with rubber feet that hold it onto flat surfaces. However, the joystick accidentally scrolls menus. What that means is that you might access a game menu and then struggle to pick the mode that you would like to pick, meaning that the joystick might be optimized in game but not when navigating interfaces. In addition, the buttons do not respond well, and you have to slam them for some high latency output.


Faulty joystick aside, the base is metallic, and the outer shell is plastic with smooth corners for wrist comfort. Modding is easy, although the layout is different from other brands, such as Hori and Mad Catz. Once you get over the fact that the layout is unfamiliar, you will likely realize that the layout is quite easy to comprehend, and you can try to compensate for any shortcomings with your modding prowess to ensure that your Honcam experience is the experience that you would actually like.


There is not much going on in the aesthetics department. In fact, it looks like an older arcade stick. However, minimalists will likely be pleased with the black and red mixture regardless of the fact that the black finish looks dull and not glossy. At least there are green and red LED indicators that invigorate the look.


Mini arcade sticks have seen better days.

  • Rubber feet
  • Wrist comfort
  • Easy modding
  • LED indicators
  • Faulty joystick
  • Stiff buttons
  • Impeding latency


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