SGF Zappa Review

SGF Zappa all button controller
PriceSGF Devices
ReleaseJune 16, 2023
CompatibilityPS5 / PS4 / PS3 / XSX / XB1 / NS / WU / PC
Dimensions8.6″ x 5.5″ x 0.6″
Weight0.66 lbs
Cable3 m


Based on the open source Flatbox, Zappa has a Brook UFB Fusion PCB that gives it wide compatibility, which includes PlayStation 5 fighting games. For Capcom Pro Tour legality, the default SOCD option is neutral, which can be updated through the firmware.


Zappa’s responsive buttons are in the Vewlix layout, and the switches are quite responsive. The option buttons are hard to press by accident, but if you would like to press them, that seems easier than with Bridget, the predecessor of this controller. In general, there were no issues when testing Zappa.

Zappa has a milder texture than Bridget, but it is still pleasing. In addition, Zappa’s material is strong and not malleable. Thanks to the four rubber feet at the bottom that are optional, Zappa should not slide around during play. Because of its size, Zappa is best used on a table or desk. Lap play is viable if you can keep your legs close together.


Zappa is a more convenient option to get a Flatbox instead of building one yourself, especially since Zappa includes updates to the 3D-printed case for more serviceability and durability without sacrificing lightness.

Zappa is slightly bigger than Bridget, but the buttons seem a bit smaller. Zappa includes Kailh Choc switches that are socketed for swapping, replacement, and cleaning without needing to solder. In addition, you do not need a tool to open up Zappa.

There are six secondary buttons on the upper left of the top panel. The cable port is USB-C, and a braided USB C-to-A cable that is detachable is included.


The case is available in different colors. High-quality injection molded caps are also available in different colors. The LED as well can come in different colors. The cable color varies depending on stock.

Keep in mind that the 3D-printed nature of Zappa means that each unit might have minor nuances, but SGF Devices strives for quality with every print, so there should not be any significant blemishes on your unit. Zappa’s material prevents it from showing fingerprint smudges.

If you need art for your Zappa, we at The Arcade Stick can help you with that. For example, check out this Zappa design by our Carlos Martinez:



If you would like a larger Flatbox that you do not have to build yourself, SGF Devices makes it easy with Zappa!

  • Robust material
  • Pleasant texture
  • Button responsivity
  • Hot-swap switches
  • LED functionality
  • Lightness
  • Anti-sliding
  • Color choices



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