Victrix Pro FS Review

Victrix Pro FS
ReleaseMarch 2, 2019
Compatibility*PS5 / PS4 / XSX / XB1 / PC
Dimensions16.3″ x 11.0″ x 2.3″
Cable3 m
Weight7.80 lbs
*PlayStation and Xbox models sold separately

Quick Facts

  • Buttons are programmable including customizable audio and lighting suites.
  • The aluminum extrusion is alleged to be aircraft grade.
  • The Sanwa joystick is detachable.
  • An extra joystick is included.
  • The braided cable is also detachable.
  • The cable wrap extension is removable as well.
  • There are handles, shoulder strap attachments, and cable organizers.
  • Included are a cotton sleeve for transportation and an Allen key.


The gameplay feel is crisp, thanks to the Sanwa parts. Inputs feel tight, and the unit is responsive overall. A precise angle was clearly chosen for the slope of the arcade stick to provide maximal comfort for the player. With the addition of a touchpad, besides meaning that handling PlayStation operations is more fluent, it is possible to fully utilize training mode features in some fighting games.


The weight and thickness of the unit are rather perfect, and the case is easy to open. The back panel can be unhinged with a single latch in order to swap out buttons. Wire connectors for buttons are of the same color for optimal user friendliness. Pulling up on the unit while holding the joystick in place allows for the swift removal of the joystick. It can be stored in the back panel of the unit. Besides that, there is not much storage space for anything else. The detachable braided cable is convenient, and the fact that most of the cable is inside the unit while playing means that it does not impede movement.


The blue-gray aluminum chassis is brushed, anodized, and illuminated, withstanding a multitude of battles. The lights have various options. There is a service available if one would like to have images and text laser-etched onto the arcade stick, but this service seems to be only provided during select events.