Vertibox Overview

PriceVertibox Arcade
CompatibilityNS / PS4 / PS3 / PC
Cable3 m


The Vertibox is an ergonomic all-buttons controller made of resin. Instead of putting your wrists flatly on the top panel of a controller and pressuring your wrists, the Vertibox allows you to eliminate pronation by placing your hands in a vertical position that is more natural. This can also help with finger/forearm strain as well as carpal tunnel syndrome.

The Vertibox lets you pick between your left thumb, right thumb, or both thumbs to jump in a game. Another use of the Vertibox is pianoing to sliding techniques using the directional inputs. Besides turbo, three SOCD modes are supported.

The Vertibox comes with a Sunga PCB, and PC compatibility is achieved through XInput. On the PlayStation 4, there is no eight-minute timeout issue. The firmware is upgradable through USB. Regarding the resin, each Vertibox has its own unique resin tattoo left by production, and there is no painting applied.

A new iteration of the Vertibox is coming soon!

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