Splitbox Preview



Melon Pan almost broke the FGC internet when he revealed on Twitter his innovation, the Splitbox. Modular fighting game controllers are not new, but the technology of the Splitbox is.

You can simply switch layouts on the go, whether we are talking about hitbox or fightstick, including buttons and keys. Furthermore, you can even play with both sides of the controller far apart by attaching a cable that connects the sides. Otherwise, the three parts of the modular controller seem to magnetically clamp, almost like LEGOs.

On the left side, you can have:

  • 24 mm buttons with a 30 mm jump button
  • Keys with a jump spacebar
  • All keys
  • Japanese joystick

On the right side, you can have 24 mm buttons, 30 mm buttons, or keys.

So, some of the layouts you can achieve include:

  • Hitbox
  • Hitbox (Shiokenstar)
  • Hitbox (all keys)
  • Hitbox (keys & buttons)
  • Fightstick (joystick & buttons)
  • Fightstick (joystick & keys)

The attack buttons or keys are in a Noir layout. There is some sort of LED under the attack buttons/keys, probably indicating that the Splitbox is on, and there seem to be color options for it. The secondary functions on the bottom right can be buttons or keys as well. The USB port can be found nearby.

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