Ideally Edge Alpha Review

Ideally Edge Alpha (Leverless Model)
ReleaseQ1 2024
CompatibilityPS5 / PS4 / PS3 / XSX / XB1 / NS / WU / PC
Dimensions13.4″ x 9.1″ x 2.0″
Weight5.29 lbs
Cable2.5 m


Partum and Ideally Atelier not only dabble in rhythm game controllers but fighting game controllers as well. Ideally Atelier offers controllers from the Ideally Stick to the Edge Alpha, providing you options from a joystick to all buttons or even WASD. Spacing between the joystick and buttons can be wide as well. Ideally Atelier also offers modular designs.


Focusing on the Edge Alpha in particular, it is made of birch with a semi-gloss varnish that is water-based, providing a comfortable resting space for your palms. Size and weight make the Edge Alpha optimal for lap play which, as usual, is synonymous with comfortable desk play as well.

The general button layout of the Edge Alpha can be customized upon ordering. The buttons can be Samducksa SDB-202 (or 203) with Cherry MX switches or screw-on GamerFingers.

SDB-202 buttons are responsive, and couple them with Cherry MX switches: you get fast actuation with different nuances depending on the switch color. A plus is that Cherry MX replacements are easy to find.

The buttons being screw-in makes them easy to install or replace. Plus, you can find them in 24 or 30 mm. GamerFingers are also responsive and screw-in as well.

There are four 12 mm secondary metal buttons on the top panel. The two rightmost buttons are supposed to be for L3 and R3. Two more secondary buttons may be found on the back panel.


Birch is a light-colored hardwood with fine grain that is often affordable despite being strong. It is commonly seen on floors, furniture, and more.

What makes the water based semi-gloss varnish special is how it strikes a fine balance between glossy and matte. It enhances wood grain and provides a protective layer while being eco friendly, easy to clean up, and having a hard-to-notice scent.

The varnish dries fast, but that just makes life easier for Ideally Atelier, likely speeding up its production cycle and putting more beautiful controllers in the hands of fighting gamers at a faster rate.

The bottom of the Edge Alpha can be accessed with a screwdriver. Compatibility providers range from the GP2040 firmware to the Brook UFB Fusion PCB. A PlayStation 5 adapter can be included as well.


The birch is light-colored and smooth, the latter of which is enhanced by the varnish. You can spruce up the Edge Alpha with the button colors of your choice. The art of the Edge Alpha is customizable by way of 3 mm acrylic, and we at The Arcade Stick offer a custom art service.


Ideally Atelier lets your imagination run wild with its many options compatible with high quality parts.

  • Quality wood
  • Aesthetic varnish
  • Convenient weight
  • Wrist space
  • Size options
  • Compatibility options
  • Layout options
  • Button options
  • Switch options
  • Color options
  • Art options



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