MojuBox Overview

ReleaseJune 23, 2022
Cable6 ft


The MojuBox is a 3D printed controller that you can order preassembled or print yourself. It can fit most printers, so if your print bed is 210 mm x 210 mm, you are good to go!

Designed using SOLIDWORKS, this is a modular controller, so you can pick between a joystick, original hitbox, and/or hitbox layout. The joystick is supposed to be the Sanwa JLF. The original hitbox layout has three 24 mm directional buttons, but the jump button is 30 mm. The hitbox layout has all 30 mm buttons.

When it comes to the attack buttons, they can be 30 mm Vewlix, 30 mm Noir, or 30 mm hitbox, the latter of which has its first and fourth columns of buttons lower than the two middle columns.

The secondary buttons can be five 16 mm buttons or seven 12 mm buttons. 12 mm buttons may require soldering because some do not have screw-on terminals.

Here are the materials needed to put together this controller:

  • Filament
  • Flathead countersunk M3 x 20 mm screws (16 pieces)
  • M3 x 5 mm x 5 mm heat-set inserts (16 pieces)
  • Sanwa JLF joystick (optional)
  • Sanwa or other low-profile buttons
  • Six foot 90° straight USB to USB-C cable
  • USB to USB-C adapter
  • Printed circuit board (PCB)
  • Vinyl wrap (optional)
  • Super glue
  • Double-sided tape
  • Non-slip pads
  • 3D printer
  • Screwdriver
  • Soldering iron
  • Pliers (optional)

If you pick the joystick layout, you would need four flathead countersunk #10-24 x 1″ screws, and you would also need eight #10 nuts.

The full MojuBox instructions can be found on Reddit. Otherwise, here are some recommendations for the parts:

The USB-C port was placed on the top of the MojuBox for safer placement. The holes of the MojuBox were positioned to maximize the wrist resting space. Lowering the joystick’s hole position would have caused fitment issues since the MojuBox was designed to be as low profile as possible while giving the panels a slight slope, so the MojuBox gets lower toward the front. There is a 2.5° tilt.

The cherry on top when it comes to the MojuBox is the art engravement that probably caught your eye. It is done through ZBrush using the alpha-to-mesh feature and can probably be customized to your taste if you order a preassembled MojuBox.