Acrycade Gear Multiple Layer Overview

PS4 Fighting Stick Premium Multiple Layer
PriceAcrycade Gear
ReleaseJuly 12, 2018
CompatibilityPS4 / PS3 / PC
Dimensions16.3″ x 10.18″
Weight8.16 lbs


This offering by Acrycade Gear features the following premium multiple layers in this order:

  1. Acrylic board
  2. Top cover
  3. Metal board (2 mm)
  4. Main frame
  5. Side board
  6. Cable box
  7. Bottom cover
  8. Another 2 mm metal board
  9. Another acrylic board
  10. Bottom base

The joystick is Seimitsu, the buttons are Sanwa, and the PCB is Brook, which is assumed to be the Brook PS3/PS4 Fighting Board.

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