Acrycade Gear Multiple Layer Overview

PS4 Fighting Stick Premium Multiple Layer
PriceAcrycade Gear
ReleaseJuly 12, 2018
CompatibilityPS4 / PS3 / PC
Dimensions16.3″ x 10.18″
Weight8.16 lbs


This offering by Acrycade Gear features the following premium multiple layers in this order:

  1. Acrylic board
  2. Top cover
  3. Metal board (2 mm)
  4. Main frame
  5. Side board
  6. Cable box
  7. Bottom cover
  8. Another 2 mm metal board
  9. Another acrylic board
  10. Bottom base

The joystick is Seimitsu, the buttons are Sanwa, and the printed circuit board (PCB) is Brook, which is assumed to be the Brook PS3/PS4 Fighting Board.

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