Keybox Review

PS4/PC - Keybox - All buttons arcade controller
CompatibilityPS5 / PS4 / NS / PC
Dimensions6.5″ x 3.3″


The Keybox, which is available in hitbox and mixbox formats, has keys/buttons that feel good to press. Its size and weight make it highly portable.

The Keybox, of course, has SOCD cleaning. With a dozen orange mechanical switches and five function buttons, you should be able to set it up and customize it on Steam with some patience.


This is a handmade all-keys controller comprised of PLA (polylactic acid), a type of polyester. The quality of the parts seems good, but the enclosure you receive may have a loose fit. However, this should be something you can fix yourself. Otherwise, Keybox Arcade should be able to fix this issue down the line.

On the bright side, it is quite possible to pop open the Keybox if needed. In fact, the board is hot swappable, so modding becomes easier.

PC connection can be achieved by connecting the Keybox to a PC through a USB type-C cable, which is not included. While the ability to do software remapping is appreciated, XInput would have probably been more convenient.


The finish of the Keybox is quite clean. You can choose the primary color of the Keybox as well as its keycaps:

  • Black
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • White
  • Yellow


The Keybox is a much appreciated addition to the mini hitbox and mixbox categories, and any flaws may be temporary.

  • Quite portable
  • Quite moddable
  • Variation options
  • Housing fit
  • Connection process