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If you are not a fan of joysticks or round buttons, the Fightboard might be for you, especially if you come from a PC background. More specifically, there is an arrow/WASD cluster at a 15° angle, and to its right is an array of square buttons. The Cherry MX switches are 4 mm.

When not pressed, RGB LED indicates each button’s function, and you can change the colors to your liking, excluding the D-pad. After a minute of inactivity, the LED turns off. It may be too bright for you, though. You can remap keys on the fly with the settings built into the keypad, again excluding the D-pad.

This is a fantastic controller, so any downsides are minor pet peeves. It is more suited for flat surfaces, but that is a given considering its size. Maybe having more weight would have helped, which is available despite its compactness by adding artificial weight. However, its weight and size make it possible to hold it like an NES controller when navigating menus, which is a plus.

As for the switches, you may want to lube them depending on how picky you are. Regarding the micro USB, it is undeniably more niche than the standard USB-C, which may put you off slightly. Furthermore, the connector is on the side, so you might have to reorient your desk. Finally, the secondary buttons might get in the way if you are the erratic type. In other words, you may accidentally press an unwanted button during the heat of battle.


The Fightboard itself is only 22 mm thick. It is lightweight and fits bigger pockets. Switches can be pulled out and swapped with any other alternative without soldering. To expand the Fightboard’s compatibility, you can buy printed circuit boards (PCBs) offsite for compatibility with the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch. You can update firmware through a download link on the official website.


The Fightboard looks nice with its black color accompanied by colorful LED. The sheer brightness, while it may interfere with your performance, is simply a joy to look at.



  • Efficient space
  • Versatile controller
  • Fairly customizable
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Marvelous LED


  • Bright LED
  • Surface dependent
  • Too light
  • Drier switches
  • Questionable wiring
  • Secondary buttons