Atachon TURBO Overview

Atachon TURBO | Fighting Games controller
ReleaseFebruary 8, 2023
CompatibilityNS / PS3 / PC
Dimensions8.5″ x 4.5″ x 0.6″


This handmade mini hitbox from Poland has Punk Workshop buttons that look beautiful with RGB LED. As for the switches, they are Cherry MX switches that are silver and low profile.

The structure of the Atachon TURBO is made of thin sheets of acrylic with the printed circuit board (PCB) in between. The PCB is the Raspberry Pi Pico on the GP2040 firmware. The acrylic structure also allows for the insertion of custom artwork, which we at The Arcade Stick can help you with through our art service. In fact, check out the art by our Felipe Fernandez for a client’s Atachon TURBO:

Sung Jin-woo artwork
Sung Jin-woo artwork

The function buttons of the Atachon TURBO are as follows:

  • Home
  • Start
  • Select
  • Touchpad
  • L3
  • R3

Be sure to have a USB-C cable on hand when you cop your Atachon TURBO!

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