Ultra-Thin Mini Hitbox Review

Ultra-thin Mini Hitbox Style Arcade Joystick Fight Stick Game Controller
CompatibilityNS / / PS3 / PC / RPi / Android

Other Color

Red & Black


Brought to you in hitbox & WASD versions, this mini controller has LED and SOCD cleaning. There are six auxiliary buttons, and the action buttons have been upgraded to a GamerFinger style on top of Gateron KS-33 Low Profile 2.0 switches.

Here are the input options at your disposal:

  • Nintendo Switch
  • PC (XInput)
  • PS3 (DInput)

You can also switch between D-pad, left analog stick, and right analog stick. Switch and PC connectivity seems flawless.

As for the SOCD options:

  • Up and down equal neutral while left and right equal neutral
  • Up and down equal up while left and right equal neutral
  • Last input priority


The PCB is the Pico Fighting Board that is powered by the Raspberry Pi Pico. Compared to the earlier build, the controller should no longer suffer from buttons with broken underparts. flipped switch-holders, an improperly grounded display, or a flimsy plug. In any case, you can get new buttons, run a new wire to the display, and solder the plug back on.


The controller has a simplistic design with two additional artwork options. The LED definitely spruces up the look. If you would like to spice up the controller, you can insert your own custom art, which can cover the PCB. We at The Arcade Stick offer a custom artwork service.


This controller is definitely one of the better mini keyboard-like hitboxes.

  • Beautiful LED
  • Customizable art
  • Additional art options





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