Snack Box Micro Review

Snack Box Micro
PriceJunkfood Custom Arcades
ReleaseDecember 2020
CompatibilityNS / PS4 / PS3 / PC
Dimensions10.0” x 5.0” x 0.5”
Cable1 m
Weight2 lbs

Other Edition

Artwork Case

Quick Facts

  • There is an SOCD cleaner.
  • There is LED support.


The buttons are smaller but feel good, although double tapping and triple tapping may be difficult. Regardless, those playing on bigger all-buttons controllers should be able to comfortably transition within the first session. The clickiness of the buttons, however, may be hit or miss depending on your preference. You can make your wrists comfier with a wide mousepad like this one:


The controller feels sturdy and not cheap. It feels like metal. You cannot bend it. Besides the dozen buttons on top, there are six more buttons to navigate the PlayStation 4 menus, and one more button can be used to adjust LED settings, such as the color, brightness, and animation.

The action buttons themselves are linear mechanical buttons based on Kailh Choc linear switches that can be hot swapped. The buttons were made in coordination with Layer Shift, the makers of the Odin arcade stick accessory.

There is a braided micro USB cable as well as a slip resistant pad with the Junk Food Arcades logo. The current cable is too short, but there is a longer cable available. The controller stays put on a table or a lap regardless of how light it is.


The LED support, which includes a dark mode, adds beauty to the controller. The LEDs stay on, but the colors elegantly change when you press a button. The controller looks very sleek in black, but the white USB cable is off-putting. If you opt for the artwork case edition, you may be interested in our custom artwork service or Epic PAL designs.

Here are some readymade designs you can buy from Epic PAL designs:


This compact all-buttons controller is fantastic.


  • Space efficient
  • Quite sturdy
  • Rather stable
  • Customizable LEDs


  • Clickiness hit-or-miss
  • Tough multi-tapping
  • Shorter cable
  • Cable color



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