Snack Box Micro Preview

PriceJunk Food Arcades
ReleaseDecember 4, 2020
PlatformsPS4 / PS3 / NS / PC
Size10.0” x 5.0” x 0.5”
Cable1 m
Weight2 lbs


Junk Food Arcades is a team based in the state of Georgia that has been creating noise with its highly customizable Snack Box controllers that are available in all buttons and joystick editions. To provide a lighter, more compact option, Junk Food Arcades has developed the Snack Box Micro – Pre-Order Edition, which will be shipped out soon and likely see constant improvements as it surpasses the pre-order phase.

The pre-order phase is actually quite interesting. Junk Food Arcades compares it to a kickstarter. The funds will be used to coordinate with suppliers to gain the team a large amount of parts and services. The pre-order deadline is October 9. The best case scenario would be shipping as soon as November 20, and the worst case scenario would be December 18, but it seems that December 4 is the most likely date. Pre-orderers will be gifted a small keychain replica of the Snack Box Micro. Note that refunds are not allowed.

As for the controller itself, besides the dozen buttons on top, there are six more buttons to navigate the PlayStation 4 menus, and one more button can be used to adjust and save LED settings, such as the color, brightness and animation. Yes! There is LED support, including a dark mode. The buttons themselves are linear mechanical buttons based on Kailh Choc linear switches that can be hot swapped. The buttons were made in coordination with Layer Shift, the makers of the Odin arcade stick accessory. Furthermore, there is a braided micro USB cable as well as a slip resistant pad with the Junk Food Arcades logo. There will be longer cables available down the line. Regarding PlayStation 5 support, it is likely, but it is not possible to be confirmed until the console launches and testing can take place.

Until then, stay tuned to The Arcade Stick for the full review once the Micro finally drops!



Junk Food Arcades