Sinister Sticks Preview

Sinister Stick


Sinister Sticks is an ambitious project involving an ambidextrous arcade stick that might change the game forever. The concept is simply an arcade stick you can flip and always have eight buttons in the Vewlix layout at your disposal. This is made possible by a ninth button that is positioned tactically. Furthermore, old heads will likely find a joystick on the right side more familiar. The joystick is a 90’s Happ joystick with a 4-way/8-way converter switch.

Brian Ciesicki, the concept creator, would like for the Sinister Sticks to include:

  • Lightning-fast moves
  • System-independent and game-independent button remapping
  • The player’s choice of parts
  • Adapters for many systems

Interestingly enough, the name “Sinister” was chosen not only because it means “on the left side” in Latin but also because of the common English synonym of “evil” since Brian considers the Sinister Sticks an unfair advantage over competitors. In his eyes, they are that good.

Brian is looking for a fightstick builder to build his concept more efficiently. If you are up for the challenge, let us know!

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