hitFIGHTER Review

hitFIGHTER - all button arcade controller fightstick
ReleaseDecember 5, 2023
CompatibilityNS / PS3 / PC
Dimensions8.5″ x 5″ x 0.8″

Cluster Edition



The hitFIGHTER is a mini leverless controller that is quite thin and runs on the open source GP2040-CE firmware. The base is fiberglass with anti-slip foam padding.


The hitFIGHTER has 19 buttons. 12 of the switches are Outemu Black that are Cherry MX compatible with Kailh hot-swaps. The Cherry MX switches can be 3 pin or 5 pin. The remaining seven buttons are secondary tactile buttons. By the way, your hitFIGHTER might come with Glorious Lynx switches too. All in all, Outemu Black feels good, but choose what you prefer.

Even the buttons are customizable, and you can order buttons with DSA keycaps on the side. All 12 of the keycaps are nylon. They are fast and responsive. Their texture is smooth, but not slippery.

Obviously, the hitFIGHTER might not be for those with bigger hands, but LeafCutterLabs should be able to provide you with 3D-printed housing to enlarge the hitFIGHTER.


Hardware-wise, the hitFIGHTER is a quality product with quality fiberglass. The USB port comes out of the center back and is type C, but you would have to cop your own cable. To achieve PlayStation and Xbox compatibility, you can opt for a Brook Wingman FGC adapter. If anything, there is a manual to guide you to configure the hitFIGHTER and so on.

You might have to remove the top panel to swap out the switches, but you will likely only have to do that once if you know you prefer Cherry MX over Outemu Black, for example. Fortunately, the hitFIGHTER is easy to take apart.


The hitFIGHTER has a clear acrylic top plate, so sandwiched art is supported, and we at The Arcade Stick can hook you up through our custom artwork service. The buttons have LED too, and they add beauty to the controller without being too distracting.


The hitFIGHTER has to be in the top 1% stickless controllers you can find.

  • Good buttons/keycaps
  • Swappable switches
  • Quality fiberglass
  • Quite slim
  • Nice LED
  • Customizable art
  • Easy to take apart
  • Included manual
  • Switch swapping process
  • Cable not included