SYGBox Review

SYGBox The 3D Printed Hitbox
ReleaseMay 6, 2022
CompatibilityPS5 / PS4 / PS3 / PSC / XSX / XB1 / X360 / NS / WU / PC
Dimensions15″ x 7.5″ x 2″
Weight2.09 lbs



This 3D-printed hitbox from Milan, Italy allows you to fully customize your hitbox by:

  • Choosing whichever button type is available
  • Choosing the LED buttons
  • Choosing the type of Brook PCB
  • Choosing the USB cable’s color
  • Adding your name in the color of your choice


The Sanwa buttons of the SYGBox react as responsively as expected. The three auxiliary buttons are conveniently in the back as well as the LED button and cable passthrough. The 2.0 SYGBox version also features R3 and L3 rear buttons.

If you desire so, you may be able to replace the buttons with screw-ins with thin rings if you have any. Otherwise, other snap-in buttons should be easily compatible.

The SYGBox is of a moderate size and weight. Also, the matte texture of the SYGBox is pleasing to the touch. It does slide if you push it, but you should not find yourself pushing around a hitbox during play anyway. On the bright side, if you want to adjust the way you are sitting during play, you can easily push the SYGBox further away from you or pull it closer.

The four 3D-printed standoffs at the bottom seem to be the reason the SYGBox can slide. If you insist on having the SYGBox super firm on a desk, you can try to rubberize the feet. If you place the SYGBox on your lap, the standoffs may dig into your thighs.


The build of the SYGBox feels quite durable. The curves on the sides of the SYGBox allow for the usage of them as carrying handles. If there is ever an accident and the SYGBox drops on the floor, you should not worry about it breaking. If you intentionally press on the SYGBox too hard, it may appear malleable, but no one should press a hitbox that hard during play anyway.

To pop open the bottom of the SYGBox, you are five bolts away from doing so. Simply remove them to then remove the center panel at the bottom, and the foam pad will also come off. That is when you will gain access to the neat interior.

The ground wires have differently colored quick disconnects than the regular wires, which makes them easy to visually distinguish. There is some free space in one of the corners if you find that useful, such as to store something small in size, although that is not necessarily recommended.

Instead of a 20-pin connector, there are bent terminals, probably to keep the height of the internal space low, enabling the SYGBox to be relatively slim overall. Right-angle quick disconnects may have worked instead, but they are probably too tall.

There is a chance you will receive your SYGBox with a couple of buttons that you would have to reorder. This may be intentional by SaveYourGames or simply a quality control oversight that you can correct if your unit has it.


Minor imperfections aside, the SYGBox is quite easy on the eyes. You might be able to notice the 3D-printed layers, but it is great that the SYGBox can be ordered the way you like it, especially thanks to the online configurator that lets you visualize the SYGBox’s color scheme before ordering.

The buttons can have borders that are colored differently than the actual buttons. There are many button, case, and cable colors. In addition, LED is available.

You can have the text of your choice right on your SYGBox, and it is not something like a cheap sticker you can scratch off over time, which is good. Eventually, it would be nice to be able to upload entire graphics to SaveYourGames’ website to then appear on your SYGBox. Otherwise, the lack of acrylic on the SYGBox is actually refreshing to see as you do not have to worry about fingerprint smudges ruining the appearance of your precious SYGBox.

The curved sides of the SYGBox mentioned earlier as carriage handles also make the hitbox look more unique than its counterparts. While the bottom black pad may not look precisely cut, the cherry on top is the Brook sticker on one of the bottom’s sides that shows that SaveYourGames means business!

A new version of the SYGBox accepts custom art. We at The Arcade Stick offer a custom artwork service.


The SYGBox is a great 3D-printed hitbox if you are in the market for one.

  • Sanwa buttons
  • LED capability
  • Moderate size
  • Moderate weight
  • Durable hardware
  • Pleasing texture
  • Interior accessibility
  • Compatibility options
  • Online configurator
  • Custom text
  • Custom colors
  • Quite curvaceous
  • Bottom feet can use improvement
  • Minor imperfections



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