Qanba Crystal Review

Qanba Q2 Crystal Joystick Arcade Fighting Stick
ReleaseDecember 31, 2016
CompatibilityPS5 / PS4 / PS3 / PC
Dimensions17.0” x 10.9” x 4.7
Weight7.25 lbs

Quick Facts

  • The LED buttons feature touch activation, glow, and stealth modes.
  • The sound is rather minimal.
  • The carrying handle is magnetic.
  • There is chrome Chinese calligraphy against a translucent case.


While it is appreciated that the secondary buttons are on a lower section of the Q2 Crystal Joystick Arcade Fighting Stick to prevent accidental presses, the action buttons themselves might be stiffer than average due to the LED inclusion. However, although no test was conducted, there did not seem to be any input delay. Otherwise, the wide frames give plenty of wrist space, and the rubber strips help keep the unit firm on one’s lap.


The arcade stick is average sized and easy to haul around, but that does not mean that it is not sturdy. The USB compartment is on the side. The door is held closed by magnets to avoid faults such as an aging door not shutting completely. The carrying handle can be brought out by twisting it.

It is worth noting that the plexiglass and base art are not very easy to remove. In addition, the frame does not snap open for internal modification. Modding the joystick and buttons is a challenge.


Besides the fact that the Crystal does a decent job trying to look like its name, the true star of the show is the array of LED lights which can either glow per input, glow in relation to vibration, or always glow. The entire arcade stick has quite the cohesive look as parts seem to be in perfect aesthetic synergy with each other, meaning that parts have quite a uniform feel to them without sacrificing distinguishability.

Our artist, Carlos Rios, can customize your Crystal’s artwork for you. Check out this art he drew for a client’s Crystal:

Platinum the Trinity & Jubei
Platinum the Trinity & Jubei


Ambitious fightsticks such as the Crystal are always welcome in the fighting game community.

  • Beautiful LED
  • Revolutionary magnets
  • Stiffer buttons
  • Tedious customization