Qanba Carbon Review

Qanba Carbon Joystick for PlayStation 3 and PC Fighting Stick
ReleaseJune 30, 2016
CompatibilityPC / Android / PS3
Dimensions13.5″ x 8.5″ x 3″
Weight5 lbs


The joystick and buttons of the Qanba Q1-PS3-01 are state-of-the-art and feel good. Turbo mode is supported. That said, the highlight of the performance of this arcade stick is the clamps!

The clamps are supposed to make the arcade stick be able to attach to the edge of a desk, which is especially useful if your desk is not spacious enough to accommodate an arcade stick.

While the clamps are generally good and easy to apply, you should still be careful not to break them by playing too aggressively. In any case, the clamps are optional as they are detachable, and there are anti-slip pads. One more thing to note about the performance is that you may hit the start button on accident.


The plastic casing of the arcade stick is thick and probably as good as plastic can be on an arcade stick. There is a door compartment that holds the long USB cable, but be aware that it may be prone to wear and tear. Otherwise, the bottom of the arcade is easy to unscrew open.

Inside, you will notice that the joystick with a square gate resembles the Sanwa counterpart, and the conveniently small PCB is labeled clearly. As for the buttons, they are easily swappable.


The arcade stick has a satisfying minimalistic look with shades of black, but probably the only questionable aspect of the look is the differently colored Qanba logo at the bottom left. It is clear why Qanba has seemingly discontinued such logo placement with its later arcade sticks…

You may be interested in custom art for the Carbon. If so, check out this Hades design by our artist, Carlos Martinez, that is fitted with the Carbon template:

Hades artwork
Hades artwork


Perhaps the star feature of the Qanba Carbon is its clamps (that are fortunately detachable).

  • Innovative clamps
  • Good parts
  • Quality plastic
  • Easier modding
  • Long cable
  • Start button placement
  • Door durability