MAS Neo Preview



After a long and understandable hiatus, MAS will be back with two new arcade sticks that have American and Japanese joysticks, with one named Neo. Is that a Matrix reference? We may never know…

The Neo is an attempt at modernizing the MAS arcade stick while retaining positive classical features. The idea actually came about when discussing the ultimate MAS arcade stick with the original creator before he passed away.

The Neo is primarily made of MDF wood, and a seemingly new addition is that the side is made of Formica laminate with no paint. The steel is 16 gauge, laser cut, and engraved. The bottom is steel. There will be a lot of colors to choose from.

The plexiglass is ⅛ inch, which you can remove by simply taking out the four corner bolts, allowing for custom artwork, which we can provide through our custom artwork service.

The joystick itself has no mounting bolts, and that is because the joystick mounting standoff was welded to the backside of the steel, giving you freedom to install the joystick lever of your choice if needed, with a mounting plate and proper spacer kit from Scanline City.

As for the button layouts, they will be diverse and inclusive, including fan favorites such as Vewlix and Noir. While the steel is cut for 30 mm buttons, you can choose plexiglass for American or Japanese buttons. You can also choose to have a pattern around the joystick and buttons. It is up to you whether to have three or six buttons in the back.

The printed circuit board (PCB) situation is yet unclear, but it will likely involve a lot of options, including the Brook Universal Fighting Board (UFB).

The classic edition will be more reminiscent of the original MAS and therefore cheaper.

One more very interesting thing worth adding: you can order the case alone if you want.

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