Clear – AS Review

Clear - AS | Stickless Arcade Controller
CompatibilityNS / PS4 / PS3 / PC
Dimensions14″ x 5.5″ x 0.8″

Other Edition

Clear – AS Split


The Clear – AS is an all-buttons controller by Perfect Clear. Its buttons feel good as they are. However, you may also be delighted to know that all of the buttons of the Clear – AS use hot-swappable MX switches that give you the opportunity to find the ideal button feeling for you.

Now, what the Clear – AS does differently than other mini hitboxes with mechanical switches is that it has a versatile size. In other words, it can fit as nicely on your lap as it can on a table. Thus, your options are not limited. Simply put, the Clear – AS is conservative with its length but not its width.

If there were to be one caveat, however, it would be to be careful when handling the top buttons as they may get pushed out. Changing the switches might result in a better fit. In any case, the aforementioned issue may have only been present in the earlier builds.


The Clear – AS controller is powered by a Raspberry Pi Pico that runs the GP2040 firmware in order to guarantee an optimal response time. The USB is type C.

Here are the MX switch options you can choose from:

  • Akko CS rose red
  • Akko CS matcha green
  • Akko CS ocean blue
  • Kailh Box red
  • Kailh Box jade

Akko CS switches rarely seem to be supported by such controllers, which is a pleasant surprise. You can even add a Brook Wingman XE adapter for upgraded PlayStation compatibility!


In addition to supporting RGB LED, the Clear – AS is made of six layers of 3 mm acrylic, providing a slim design that, again, should also be comfortable on one’s lap. The other material used is nylon. The two top layers can support custom art. Speaking of which, we have a custom artwork service. Look at the art of our Felipe Fernandez for a client’s Clear – AS:

Jujutsu Kaisen artwork
Jujutsu Kaisen artwork


The Clear – AS is a breath of fresh air in the world of smaller hitboxes that have mechanical switches.

  • Hot-swappable switches
  • Unique switch support
  • Versatile size
  • Customizability