SGF Bridget Review

SGF Bridget MX all button controller
PriceSGF Devices
ReleaseJanuary 11, 2023
CompatibilityNS / PS3 / PC
Dimensions8.6″ x 5.1″ x 0.6″
Weight0.54 lbs


SGF Bridget is a mini plastic hitbox based on the Flatbox by jfedor. The goal behind Bridget is to be an affordable hitbox that is portable enough for travel purposes while having easily available parts despite any chip shortages.


Bridget has responsive buttons, which happen to be in the Vewlix layout. Namely, the switches are quite responsive. The six option buttons are hard to press by accident. In general, there were no issues when testing this product.

Bridget’s texture is also pleasing to the touch, and Bridget’s material is strong enough not to be malleable. Bridget should not slide around during play, thanks to the four rubber feet that are optional.

While Bridget is not optimal for lap play due to its compact form factor, you can pull it off if you are comfortable keeping your legs close together.


Bridget is an easier option to order a Flatbox instead of building one yourself, especially because Bridget includes updates to the 3D-printed case for added durability and serviceability while maintaining lightness.

The texture of Bridget allows you to grip it easily if you want to carry it with just your fingers. Speaking of which, you can remove the buttons with just your fingers. Also, you do not need a tool to open up Bridget.

For compatibility and SOCD options, Bridget runs on the open source GP2040-CE firmware. The PCB is assembled with Kailh Choc switches that are socketed for easy swapping and cleaning without soldering. The USB-C port can be found in the center back, and the cable is detachable.


Bridget has a simple aesthetic concept in which you pick the case and button colors you like. Note that the 3D-printed nature of Bridget means that there may be minor nuances per unit, but SGF Devices strives for quality with every print.

Simply put, there should not be any significant blemishes on your unit. Bridget’s material makes it not show fingerprint smudges, which are undesirable to see.


With Bridget, SGF Devices offers an appealing premade alternative if you would not like to build a Flatbox yourself.

  • Sturdy material
  • Pleasing texture
  • Responsive buttons
  • Hot swappable switches
  • Lightweight
  • No sliding
  • Color options




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