BorgTech BoogieBoard Overview

ReleaseFebruary 9, 2022
Dimensions16” x 8” x 2.25“
Weight4+ lbs


HOBORG from BorgTech presents the BoogieBoard, a Super Smash Bros box controller that is made out of a case from Hardwood Arcade. The buttons are Crown/Samducksa SDB-202 MX with Cherry MX Speed Silver switches, and the BoogieBoard runs on the Raspberry Pi Pico PCB with firmware by community member Arte.

The Hardwood Arcade case is generally made of oak with 24 mm button holes and four corner screws to provide support without making it hard to access the inside. Dimensions have a +⅛ tolerance depending on the behavior of the wood. More specifically, Keith from Hardwood Arcade often smooths out the hardwood grain to avoid jagged edges.

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