RegiisJoy LKR-X01 Review

RegiisJoy Wireless Arcade Game Console Gamepad Controller
Dimensions13.8″ x 8.7″


Also known as the LKR-P2 (or even the WGC-S01), the RegiisJoy LKR-X01 is a wireless arcade stick. Add a couple of your own AA batteries and slap the dust washer & joystick on to then go on a journey of a lifetime!


The loud face buttons have a Vewlix-like layout, but they are unusually spaced apart. The function buttons are labeled to be for “coin” and play/pause, though you should be able to map them to your liking, well, that is after you endure the arduous setup process.

Quality control may not be RegiisJoy’s strongest asset, so you may face issues from the arcade stick arriving with an aesthetic piece having fallen out to the joystick not working at all, but if your joystick does work, it will likely be too tall for your taste. Luckily, it is detachable, and you can insert a quality joystick of your own.

That said, it is still nearly impossible to close up the gap of the buttons without extensive modding, such as carving out a good chunk of the top panel.

You see, the rightmost six buttons are serviceable, but it is the leftmost cluster of two buttons (usually for jab and short) that may rustle your jimmies, so this arcade stick may best be reserved for six button games, preferably not fighting games because the LKR-X01 is unlikely to be your most reliable candidate to win the next Evo.

On the bright side, for a wireless arcade stick, there is no huge input delay to write home about. Also, there is a bit of a wrist resting slope for your comfort. Furthermore, there are rubber feet per corner for stability purposes.


The LKR-X01 can connect by way of Bluetooth through a USB dongle. The Bluetooth signal is 2.4 GHz. There is a power toggle in the back, and when the LKR-X01 is on, you should see a blinking green light.

The bottom of the arcade stick has a steel plate. The bottom is where you can also access the battery compartment. There is a hole for the joystick as well. After you unscrew the bottom, the interior of the arcade stick is admittedly spacious, organized, and color coded.


The LKR-X01 is a white arcade stick with a red joystick and white buttons. There are red accents as well as SNK art, but the arcade stick in general has an antiquated look that is not too different from many arcade sticks that come with games preinstalled.

Speaking of which, this is RegiisJoy’s specialty: offering dual arcade sticks that come with games, so this standalone arcade stick is a bit of a black swan.


The RegiisJoy LKR-X01 might be worth a look if you are an avid modder who is looking for a fixer upper.

  • Wireless connectivity
  • Detachable joystick
  • Rubber feet
  • Organized interior
  • Taller joystick
  • Louder buttons
  • Wider button gaps
  • Batteries excluded
  • Arduous setup
  • Quality control