Mayflash F300 Elite Review

ReleaseMay 7, 2018
PlatformsPS4 / PS3 / XB1 / X360 / NS / PC / Android / Neogeo Mini
Size13.0” x 10.5” x 5.5”
Cable3 m
Weight4.00 lbs

Quick Fact

It readily comes with Sanwa parts.


Just like its predecessor, the unit is weighty and firm, but the small size still leaves little wrist space. Finally, the joystick feels hefty, and there is less travel distance for an input to register, meaning that there is no longer a dead zone. However, the button placement still seems off, especially when used with larger hands. It depends on the player’s previous experience with other types of arcade sticks. An additional cable is still needed for some platforms, which might pose a tripping hazard among other obstacles.


The weight is average, but, again, the size is small. Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, a cable is still needed to connect the arcade stick to a native controller when on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Xbox 360, and a second connection is of course needed to connect the arcade stick to the console. There is still a third party wireless dongle that can be purchased for those who really like the arcade stick.


While it is a step up from its predecessor, the design remains uninspired. Specifically, the arcade stick still looks bland, but at least the black and beige combination is somewhat pleasing to the eye. More nuance in the design would have been appreciated or at least doing the minimalist art style justice. Fortunately, one can at least print out an artwork sticker to stick right onto the surface to give the arcade stick some flair and save the day.


The Amazon price this time around is actually quite good. One could say that the price is that of a mini fightstick, but you are actually getting a full sized fightstick. It would have been more impressive, though, if this was in fact an excellent fightstick, but it unfortunately is not. At least it is a step up from the vanilla edition.


Pros Multiplatform
Cons Not spacious
Accessory needed
Uninspired look