Torres Workshop Overview

Padauk/Walnut Stickless
PriceTorres Workshop
CompatibilityPS4 / PS3 / NS / PC
Dimensions14” x 8″ x 2.25″


Torres Workshop offers two flagship stickless options that you can either order as empty enclosures or full-on hitboxes. Fightstick and mixbox editions are available as well.

The first case is handcrafted out of real hardwood, namely black walnut and maple. The second case is made of bloodwood and bird’s eye maple. The buttons are 24 mm, except for the 30 mm jump button. You can also ask Torres Workshop for a more customized build.

If you order a hitbox premade, it seems that one of the following PCBs (printed circuit boards) would be included:

  • Brook PS4+ Audio Fighting Board
  • Brook Wireless Fighting Board
  • Brook PS3/PS4 Fighting Board

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