Top 5 Nintendo Switch Arcade Sticks 2020


Deciding on which Nintendo Switch fightsticks are the best is important. Check out our buyer guide to understand more regarding subject matter. Many Nintendo Switch fightsticks came out since the release of the handheld. The top five Nintendo Switch fightsticks in 2020 are the best of the best since the release of the Nintendo Switch, not simply fightsticks that came out in 2020. Here are the top five Nintendo Switch fightsticks that you can find in 2020, starting with the fifth one. Be warned, however, that there are not many Nintendo Switch fightsticks, so subpar fightsticks had to appear in this list.

5th Place: 8BitDo N30

This is a wireless controller that comes with a USB cable regardless. There is Bluetooth support. The fightstick can be comfortably sat on a lap or table with full stability. Besides the weight, the sturdy metal plate and rubber feet on the bottom are helpful. The fightstick is of medium weight and hardware quality. The N30 Arcade Stick resembles OG Nintendo products and barely looks third party. You can find this fightstick on Amazon.

4th Place: Hori Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa

The joystick is looser than average, which you might like. The buttons are quite snappy and should appeal to everyone. The friction pads in the base make placing the fightstick on one’s lap or a table both comfortable. Thankfully, the fightstick is easier to mod than average. Hori hit a homerun by making the fightstick look like a Nintendo product while retaining the Hori aesthetic. Minimalists should like this design. The Pro V Hayabusa is available on Amazon.

3rd Place: Mayflash F500 Elite

Compared to the standard version, this one has premium Sanwa parts. There is plenty of wrist space. The metal cover and base optimize weight and security. An octagonal gate is added as an accessory, and replacing the gates and buttons is quite simple. Either way, there are easy-to-see screws at the bottom to access the interior. Wired headphones are supported. Finally, there is an acrylic top panel that is easy to remove. On Amazon, you can check the latest price.

2nd Place: DragonSlay Universal

This multiplatform beast comes with a door hanger, hex screwdriver, sticker pack, and an additional artwork option. It is a large unit that provides ample wrist space, and the weight and rubber feet guarantee that there is stability. High quality parts also extend the durability. Finally, there is an instructions manual about how to customize the fightstick, including changing the faceplate and buttons. For the latest price, Amazon is your friend.

Honorable Mention 1: Smash Box

The Smash Box, besides having buttons for directions instead of a joystick, takes pride in its Sanwa parts, which up the performance. There are three profiles that can be switched using a side toggle in order to activate multiple layouts on the controller simultaneously. Attached is designer software to map buttons wherever. The Smash Box brings back the minimalistic design from the first Hit Box despite having more colors. Find more about pricing on the Hit Box Arcade website.

Honorable Mention 2: Mixbox Universal Edition

The Mixbox is the solution of Mixboxarcade for PC players who would like WASD keys for directions and big buttons for attacks. There are numerous editions to ensure that you can enjoy your gameplay style with this glorious product. Complex inputs, such as 360 motions, can be executed easily with the WASD keys. Many thoughtful design elements were implemented as well, including unique artwork. The Mixboxarcade website has the latest prices.

1st Place: GameSir C2

Besides being able to activate turbo mode, you can lock the secondary buttons during play. The buttons and joystick are premium Sanwa. There is a lot of wrist space. The weight, size, and stability are in synergy. The C2 Arcade Fightstick can actually work quite well if inserted into a homemade arcade cabinet. It also has unique artwork. Regardless, the C2 is also available in a plain and elegant color. Check Amazon for the latest price of this fightstick.




Although we can guide you in the general direction, you yourself know what is best for you in terms of Nintendo Switch fightsticks. You might find a fightstick that suits you better by scouring the rest of our friendly posts. However, the above list is meant to streamline your search if you want to quickly choose something that will surely yield you at least some positive results.