The Dohyo Overview

The Dohyo - Softshell All-Button Fightstick / Arcade Controller
ReleaseNovember 3, 2022
CompatibilityNS / PS3 / PC


Basho Fightsticks presents The Dohyo, which is a custom hitbox made of a modified soft-shell keyboard-carrying case to increase portability and comfort. The design is reinforced with custom 3D-printed support and decorative panels. Acrylic is present throughout the design. The bottom is the only slightly soft part, which is to be comfortable on your lap.

Each unit is individually custom made with the colors or combinations you choose if they are available per printed panel. Basho Fightsticks prints using Hatchbox polylactic acid (PLA). Sparkle variants cannot be printed because their glitter can contaminate future prints.

The buttons are all 24 mm, except for the 30 mm jump button, which is a state-of-the-art layout. Screw-in and snap-in buttons such as Qanba Gravity and GamerFinger are all accommodated. There are three auxiliary buttons on the back along with a toggle switch to disable the home, select, and option buttons during tournaments.

The Dohyo unzips like a pencil case, and inside, not only do you have easy access to the wiring and other internals, you can also store your own USB cable, shoulder strap, and so on. Shoulder-strapping is easier with secured D-rings per side. The front of the case has a carrying handle, making The Dohyo easy to carry without being an obstacle during play.

As for the PCB, the internal PCB mount is compatible with different boards from Brook to the Raspberry Pi Pico with GP2040 firmware, which is available to purchase. The Dohyo comes pre-soldered with a screw-terminal breakout board that is similar to a standard Brook PCB, requiring no soldering from your end.

You can order The Dohyo just as a case or as a case with the Raspberry Pi Pico PCB. You can order your own buttons and so on to Basho Fightsticks’ address so that your Dohyo is fully assembled and then delivered to you.

Here is a summary of your purchase options:

  • Case only
  • Case with custom build
  • Case with Raspberry Pi Pico and custom build
  • Case with Raspberry Pi Pico and Sanwa buttons
  • Case with Raspberry Pi Pico PCB and GP2040 firmware

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