Marvelous Customs CEO (Joystick) Review in Progress

PriceMarvelous Customs
PlatformsXSX / XB1 / X360 / PS4 / PS3 / PSC / NS / WU / PC / Neogeo Mini / Sega Genesis Mini
Size17.8″ x 7.8″ x 2.6″
Weight4.00 lbs

Review in Progress

Also specializing in cases, parts, and merch, Marvelous Customs can be considered an underdog in the arcade stick community. An evolution of the Average Joe case, the C.E.O. – Fully Assembled Arcade Stick (Joystick) consists of an acrylic construction with anti-slip rubber feet. You can choose the printed circuit board (PCB), artwork, joystick color, button color, side panel color, and flex tubing color. Flex tubing was implemented to organize internal wiring. The custom artwork option is rather convenient. Just download the template, place a 300 dpi (dots per inch) design into the file, and email it to Marvelous Customs. Included is a USB cable for the Neutrik port. The arcade stick is on the pricier side, so purchase it at your own discretion. Also check out the all-buttons edition.


Marvelous Customs