STAC-MX Overview

STAC-MX | Stickless Arcade Controller
PlatformsNS / PS3 / PC


This is an all-buttons controller that is made of six layers of 3 mm acrylic, providing a slim design that should also be comfortable on one’s lap. The other material used is nylon. The two top layers can support custom art. Speaking of which, we have a custom artwork service!

All of the buttons of the STAC-MX use hot-swappable MX switches that give you the opportunity to find the ideal button feeling for you.

Moving on, the STAC-MX controller is powered by a Raspberry Pi Pico that runs the GP2040 firmware in order to guarantee the optimal response time.

Also included with the STAC-MX is a male-to-female micro USB extension cable so that you can use any micro cable you may already have, but note that it may not be possible to insert some thicker micro USB connectors into the micro USB port as they may bump into the edge of the printed circuit board (PCB).

Let us wrap up with the MX switch options you can choose from:

  • Akko CS rose red
  • Akko CS matcha green
  • Akko CS ocean blue
  • Kailh Box red
  • Kailh Box jade