Saulabi 4K Review

ReleaseDecember 29, 2017
PlatformsPS4 / PS3 / PC / MAME
Size15.0” x 8.3” x 3.5”
Weight4.41 lbs

Quick Facts

  • It is compatible with the 32 bit MAME.
  • There is a vibration feature.
  • Leather was used in the making.


The joystick of the 4K Fight Joystick is rather stiff. It quickly goes back to neutral once moved, which could ruin some inputs. It barely makes any sound, which is good for those who like more silent play, but most players like the auditory feedback. Also, the buttons are quite bad. They are clunky and make a lot of sound. The slanted panel was meant to promote ergonomics, but it forces the wrists into an uncomfortable position, especially after extended bouts of play. In addition, on top of the heaviness, the unusual cut of the silhouette makes the unit mainly suitable for table placement and not one’s lap.


Allegedly, the type of joystick that the player will receive when purchasing a unit entails a bit of a guessing game as Saulabi does not seem to be consistent with its choice of parts. One joystick is bad while the other is incredibly worse. Although the buttons are soldered directly into the PCB or printed circuit board, it is possible to mod the unit with something that is of a higher quality. However, the snap-in or screw-in crown buttons do not have a tab to stick a disconnect onto, so soldering of some kind is probably a must. The 4K Fight Joystick seems to be popular with modders who like the product in general but with different parts.


The 4K Fight Joystick is a contender for the ugliest arcade stick on the market due to the point that it looks extremely bad even when compared to its competitors back in the day. The unit is actually quite old, and it seems that it is constantly being made compatible with every new generation. That means that it uses the same old components from back when it was first released generations ago, which include the metallic look that makes it seem like it is more like an arcade stick solely for beta game testers rather than a finished product. Also, the tagline’s poor grammar was never fixed, proving that the unit is indeed an untouched relic.


The Amazon price would have been a bargain if the fightstick actually performed well with its stock hardware. However, it is practical to say that it is rather unusable, and you can get much more of a bang for your buck if you look elsewhere. For example, consider the Venom Arcade Stick for only a fraction of the price but multiples the quality. Otherwise, consider the Etokki Omni for your joystick needs.


Pros Silent joystick
Moddable parts
Cons Poor quality
Redefines ugliness
Performance Poor
Hardware Poor
Aesthetics Poor