RAC-J500K-P4 Review

Last modified: May 31, 2020

PlatformPS4 / PC

Quick Fact

A wrench is needed to open up the case.


The J500K-P4 Keyboard Arcade Fight Stick features keyboard arrows for directions and face buttons for attacks. The secondary buttons can be found on the right side. Unfortunately, the button quality is lackluster, each button feels different than the other, and cleaning the buttons with a slightly wet cloth might get them stuck. Even worse, the buttons are hard to press and make a clicking sound well after an input is registered.


To get stuck buttons unstuck, opening up the case is difficult without a small adjustable wrench or a similar tool. That is because there are four tough screws to remove to unveil the simple yet incorrect interior. The buttons are set up wrong. Besides that, the casing is not terrible. It is made of hard plastic that is durable but easy to smudge. The unit is moderately sized, and the bottom suction cups provide stability until they occasionally cling too hard. It is a light unit. Be warned that there has been at least one report of a counterpart of this model not being identified by the PlayStation 4 despite being advertised as PS4 compatible. If you do get it to work on PC, your buttons might be wrong if you do not download third party software.


The plastic casing makes the unit look anything but elegant. It looks rather cheap, especially when smudged. The color scheme is drab, and the silhouette looks awful and not smooth at all. Finally, the red arrow is simply offputting.


The AliExpress price would have been great if the equipment actually worked. Playing with all buttons instead of a joystick can involve a steep learning curve for some, and having faulty hardware does not help at all. Thus, consider spending potentially double the amount for a real Mixbox that actually works. If you have not speculated yet, this RetroArcadeCrafts creation was likely inspired by the Mixbox.


ProsInterior simplicity
Casing durability
Size moderation
ConsButtons lackluster
Modification tough
Compatibility flawed