RAC-J500B Review

Compatibility*NS / PS4 / PC
Dimensions11.8” x 7.9” x 2.6”
Cable1.8 m
Weight2.43 lbs
*Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 models sold separately


Quick Facts

  • Included is a type of SOCD cleaner because pressing left and right simultaneously results in neutrality.
  • A wrench is needed to open up the case.
  • Also available are multiple editions listed at the bottom.


The RAC-J500B-P4 features face buttons for both directions and attacks. Secondary buttons can be found on the right side. Unfortunately, all buttons are of lackluster quality, each button feels different than the other, and cleaning the buttons with a slightly wet cloth could end up getting them stuck. To add insult to injury, the buttons are hard to press in general and make a clicking sound a relatively long time after registering an input.


Regarding buttons getting stuck, opening up the case is difficult without something like a small adjustable wrench. There are four tough screws to remove to unveil the simple yet incorrectly laid out interior. Basically, the buttons are set up wrong. Besides that, the casing is not that bad. It is made of a hard plastic that might be durable but smudges easily. The unit itself is moderately sized, and the bottom suction cups work well for stability albeit working too well at times. Well, it is a light unit.

As a warning, there has been at least one report of the model not being identified by the PlayStation 4 despite compatibility claims. If you get it to work on PC, your buttons might be wrong without downloading third party software.


The plastic casing does not do much to make the unit look elegant. In fact, it looks rather cheap, especially with the smudging. The color scheme is uninspired, and the silhouette is unusual in an unpleasant way.


Playing with all buttons instead of a joystick can entail a steep learning curve for some, and having faulty hardware does not help at all.


  • SOCD cleaner
  • Simple interior
  • Durable casing
  • Moderate size


  • Lackluster buttons
  • Tough modding
  • Casing smudges
  • Compatibility issue