Qanba Drone Review

Qanba N2 Drone Joystick Arcade Fighting Stick
PriceAmazon / AliExpress
ReleaseJune 26, 2016
CompatibilityPS5 / PS4 / PS3 / PC
Dimensions14.0” x 6.0” x 9.5”
Cable2.29 m
Weight2.60 lbs

Other Editions

Tekken World Tour


BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

Quick Facts

  • Present is a tournament lock switch.
  • LED indicators are present.
  • There is an anti slip bottom pad.
  • A unique USB cable compartment is featured.


Although light, the N2 Drone Joystick Arcade Fighting Stick has enough weight not to move around on your lap unless you are the aggressive type. It is also worth noting that the Drone does not sacrifice comfort for compactness as the buttons and joystick are spread apart comfortably. The buttons and joystick feel okay, but they do seem to be on the looser side. It is easy to feel that the unit is plastic and not that sturdy. On the bright side, the buttons barely make any sound. There was no input lag detected during the testing of this product.


Fans of bigger arcade sticks will likely find this arcade stick to be too small. However, for the average player, the size might be perfect considering the compact approach. In any case, it is undeniable that this unit is quite the delight to travel with. Instead of a closed USB compartment, there is space underneath the wrist space. Although Qanba probably thought it would be revolutionary, the classic compartment’s convenience seems unparalleled in comparison. In addition, there are no table clamps to be found. Also, buttons aside, modding the joystick can be a challenge.


While the black and yellow color scheme is refreshing to see on an arcade stick, and it will surely stand out among the masses, the lack of symmetry in the artwork might be a little distracting when involuntarily observed through peripheral vision, which might affect performance based on visuals although negligibly. Seemingly, the only option to replace the artwork is to stick some vinyl up top. You may be interested in our custom artwork service. Otherwise, the unit screams plastic as the glossiness of its dominantly black color makes the plastic the majority of the components is comprised of beyond evident.



  • Truly portable
  • Convenient layout


  • Looser parts
  • Plastic feel