PXN-X9 Review

PXN-X9 6 in 1 Arcade Fight Stick
ReleaseOctober 25, 2019
PlatformXSX / XB1 / PS4 / PS3 / NS / PC / Android
Size15.8” x 11.8” x 2.6
Weight8.93 lbs

Quick Facts

  • There is LED functionality.
  • There is a USB-C port.
  • You will likely need an OTG cable for Android use.
  • Two extra Sanwa buttons can be found within the case.
  • Native controllers are needed when playing on consoles.


Sanwa parts, which the 6 in 1 Arcade Fight Stick has, usually ensure that the performance is up to par with industry standards. When tested on an execution heavy game such as Dragon Ball FighterZ, the majority of the experience was nice and responsive. The only real downside is that jump directions are frequently misinterpreted. At least the foam-like material at the bottom helps with comfort and stability.


This arcade stick is both slim and heavy. The cable will quickly detach if someone is about to trip over it. To open up the arcade stick, all you need to do is press one button. There is a handle for carriage, and there is a headphone jack.


The arcade stick bears an uncanny resemblance to the Mad Catz Tournament Edition 2 (or you might be more familiar with the Street Fighter V version). It seems that PXN refurbished that Mad Catz model into the X9 after Mad Catz went bankrupt. Otherwise, the artwork is very interesting, and the color scheme is quite refreshing to see. This is a dark and gritty design that could appeal to those who appreciate such a somber style.


The Amazon price can be considered a little overpriced given the fact that a native controller is needed to play on consoles. In addition, the joystick is faulty. Do check out the Mad Catz Tournament Edition 2 if you are on the Xbox One or the Street Fighter V version if you are on the PlayStation 4 as they seem to be identical to the PXN-X9 without needing a native controller.


ProsSlim build
Flexible cable
Easy opening
ConsNative controllers needed
Misinterpreted jump directions
A potential knockoff