Mixbox Review

CompatibilityXSX / XB1 / NS / WU / PS4 / PS3 / PC
Dimensions14.9” x 9.0” x 2.4”
Cable3 m
Weight5.50 lbs

Other Editions

Mixbox Universal Edition Reverse

Mixbox PS4 Controller

Mixbox PS4 Controller Reverse

Quick Facts

  • The buttons are Sanwa.
  • The Vewlix layout is featured.
  • There is turbo mode.
  • A dual settings SOCD switch is inside.


The Mixbox Universal Edition can help perform the most complex inputs, such as 360 motions, lightning fast. The slanted front panel helps support the wrists. The Sanwa buttons feel good as expected, and so do the Cherry MX WASD buttons. The functions buttons are on the side. Inside the unit is a switch that changes the movement controls. The first option is back and forward equaling neutral while up and down equal up. The second option is that holding forward and then back equals back while releasing either direction means going the opposite direction. The same is true for up and down. Though, this might result in illegal tactics when using charge characters in Street Fighter, for instance, which might cause tournament bans.


Quality parts were clearly used for the Mixbox. The metal and plexiglass work well as a mixture, and the unit is weighty. The buttons are crisp, and the finish is smooth. The long USB cable goes into a deep compartment with a detachable door. There is more safety, but it is also more of a hassle to put the cable away. Alternatively, one can simply wrap the cable around the controller.


The Mixbox features pleasing abstract artwork with plenty of shades of blue. The plexiglass can be screwed right off for those who want to use their own artwork template although the stock artwork is quite nice and sticks out from the rest.


The Mixbox is a true gift for keyboard players who would like the arcade stick feel.



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