MDF Review

MDF Arcade Stick
CompatibilityNS / PS4 / PS3 / PC*
Dimensions13.0” x 9.8” x 2.5”
Cable1 m
Weight4.41 lbs
*Refer to the last quick fact.

Quick Facts

  • The Korean joystick is the Samducksa 305.
  • The buttons are Seimitsu PS-14-K.
  • You can choose the joystick and buttons.
  • You can add a hinge.
  • The Nintendo Switch edition is sold separately as well as downgraded editions.


The Samducksa joystick is lackluster, but you can always go for a Sanwa joystick since this is a customizable arcade stick. One could describe Samducksa joysticks as having a reduced radius of rotation. The joystick has a larger rotation radius than the Sanwa joystick, and it requires force. To counteract this, considering holding the joystick’s center with the modified wineglass grip. As for the buttons, they are not likely to be your taste, so Sanwa is also the way to go. It is also unfortunate that the buttons do not have PlayStation or Xbox markings. When it comes to the weight, it is not heavy enough to make the arcade stick stable, but you can add a weight upon checkout. Input delay depends on which printed circuit board (PCB) you choose. Roughly speaking, the cheaper the PCB, the higher the chance of input delay.


When everything in stock, you can choose from 18 joysticks, 12 sets of buttons, and an added hinge. If you would like to install a joystick yourself after purchasing the arcade stick, the screw fixed to the plywood has to be loosened. However, if you loosen and tighten it repeatedly, the screw hole may widen to the point that the screw will not go in at all, so exercise caution. The problem is that the top plate is simply too thick. Even buttons cannot be clasped properly. About the light weight, unless you go for the added weight option, you can boost the weight by placing a water bottle or book inside the stick, but it can be cumbersome.

Regarding resistance, this arcade stick might easily break if you drop it, probably because it was assembled with glue. It is a budget friendly arcade stick anyway. Fortunately, the hinge allows for one-touch opening. You can open the arcade stick vertically by holding both ends with your hands and applying force. It is held in place by a magnet, but it is a strong magnet that will ensure that you do not accidentally open the arcade stick. Consider getting the hinge even if you do not plan to replace the joystick, for example. That is because a button might go rogue and need fixing and so on.


The wooden finish is reminiscent of older arcade sticks. In fact, one could perceive the arcade stick as a part of an arcade machine from a mom-and-pop shop. Having a wooden finish does not have to mean that an arcade stick must look old, though. It is just that it was not pulled off well with this arcade stick. Otherwise, the colorful buttons add some nuance, but they might be a turnoff for some.


Although not without its flaws, this is an entry level customizable arcade stick that you can improve by either placing your order wisely or doing your own modding. If you would like a higher end sister fightstick, check out the MakeStick Pro.


  • Convenient hinge
  • Decent bargain


  • Sometimes laggy
  • Easily breakable




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