Mad Catz Street Fighter V TE2+ Review

Last modified: April 1, 2020

Price $239.99
Release February 2016
Platforms PS4 / PS3

Quick Facts

  • The non-slip foam padding secures the unit on the player’s lap.
  • There is an inner compartment to store the cable.
  • There are metal posts for a separately sold shoulder strap.
  • The bezel and top panel can be removed to change artwork without removing buttons or wires.
  • The chassis hinges are open for easy modding.
  • Included is a screwdriver with flat and hex heads.
  • The Ultra Street Fighter IV edition (including the Japanese one), the Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- edition, and the blue edition were discontinued.


The buttons of the Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick TE2+ have far too much travel time and are also clunky. The joystick constantly misinterprets intended jump directions, and jump direction is crucial in all fighting games. For those two reasons alone, it is recommended to avoid this arcade stick at all costs. Otherwise, there is ample wrist space for the player to be comfortable with hand and finger movement.


The weight of the unit makes it suitable for both lap and table placement. It is also a contender for the easiest arcade stick to open as all that is needed is one button press. If need be, the included screwdriver and its accessories are quite intuitive to use.


The Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick TE2+ is an okay looking unit that takes no risks. It has elements of its ancestor from the previous console, but it there is enough of a variation to match the Street Fighter V theme. However, with white covering a major portion of the unit, it can appear a bit bland.


This is an average product, but the Amazon price is above average, which is a no-no. It would be unwise to invest money in a fightstick that constantly misinterprets your desired jump direction, which is crucial in most if not all fighting games. Even if you get the Xbox One counterpart, the price would roughly be the same.


ProsVery easy to open
Easily customizable
Plenty of storage
ConsButtons too deep
Inaccurate joystick
Bland design
Score ⭐⭐