Mad Catz Ego Preview

Last modified: April 11, 2020

PlatformsPS4 / XBO


Mad Catz has taken the fighting game community by storm with its announcement of the Ego FightStick. That is because it has recently declared its bankruptcy. Thus, there have been rumors about this upcoming stick not being manufactured by Mad Catz, with another manufacturer rebranding its own stick using the Mad Catz name that it has legally acquired at least for this one stick. However, truth be said, there have been updates to other Mad Catz accessories, such as mice and other PC gear, so Mad Catz seems to at least somewhat active these days…

That being said, the Ego looks like a sequel in the Tournament Edition line of Mad Catz that has seemingly started since Street Fighter IV was released on consoles back in 2009. It roughly has the same size and weight and the Vewlix layout we have all grown to love. Needless to say, Sanwa parts are likely back for revenge, namely the signature JLF-TP-8YT joystick and OBSF-30 buttons. In addition, turbo mode is present.

There are some new nuances that set the Ego apart from its predecessors, though. First, the color of the simplistic artwork is quite interesting, and we will probably have different editions for different games down the line. Furthermore, this stick is multiplatform, and there is a convenient switch to convert from one console’s mode to the other without the added hassle of different cables. Allegedly, Mad Catz made this positive decision to avoid licensing issues. The Ego also comes with a hex screwdriver that you can conveniently store in the back along with two spare buttons. You can also use it to replace the top panel.

Stay tuned to the Mad Catz Twitter page, and only time will tell whether or not this legendary company will make a glorious comeback to deliver yet another homerun!