Mad Catz Tournament Edition 2 Review

Last modified: October 16, 2019

ReleaseApril 2, 2014
Platform XBO

Quick Facts

  • Featured are LED lights with 8 different settings.
  • Included is a hex/flat screwdriver for repairs and mods
  • Also available is a Killer Instinct edition.


The Sanwa parts in the Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2 mean that the quality of performance is there. However, the joystick can sometimes register incorrect jump directions unless the player is super specific with his or her movements, and the buttons have some travel distance to them and might feel somewhat clunky. Nonetheless, the stick feels good and weighty on the lap with little to no unwanted movement. There is ample space for wrist resting.


This stick is slimmer yet heavier than others. Both are actually good things. The cable screws onto the back, and it is designed to quickly detach in the case of someone tripping over it so that the unit does not fall down with it. Popping an arcade stick open was never easier as all that is needed is the press of one big and easy-to-see button. The inclusion of a screwdriver was quite thoughtful for those who need to repair something that is rather farfetched or want to go the extra mile with their modding endeavors.


The standard edition looks interesting with its black and red color scheme. One could say that it represents the trademark Mad Catz colors. All of the buttons are backlit, but, fortunately, one can toggle the feature off. As for the Killer Instinct edition, although the color scheme might not be everyone’s cup of tea, the stick does its namesake justice with elaborate Killer Instinct artwork for fans and civilians alike. The black plastic looks clean, and the top panel can easily be replaced for those who are not necessarily KI fans or simply prefer to have other art on there. The leftmost six buttons are translucent red while the rightmost buttons are translucent white.


For an average fightstick, the Amazon price is a tad too high. Playing with a fightstick that constantly puts the player at risk of a jump in the wrong direction can even put the fightstick in the lower-than-average category. Even if you get the Street Fighter V PlayStation 4 version, the price would be roughly the same.


ProsThoughtful hardware design
Visually appealing artwork
ConsSometimes faulty joystick
Somewhat clunky buttons
Performance Fair
Hardware Good
Aesthetics Average
Score ⭐⭐