Usually, an arcade stick costs roughly $150. For that price, you would usually get a regular sized arcade stick that works on at least one major console and the PC. However, it is all up to the manufacturer in the end. Sometimes, you may come across an arcade stick that has more features yet costs less. In other cases, you find an arcade stick that has less features yet costs more.


Let us take three examples that are priced moderately, low, and high:

  • Mayflash F500 Elite
  • Qanba Drone
  • Victrix Pro FS

Mayflash F500 Elite

Universal Arcade Stick F500 Elite

The Mayflash F500 Elite is an excellent arcade stick that has a moderate price. It is our pick for the best arcade stick of the year 2021. It is regular sized, comes with a Sanwa joystick and buttons, and works on many platforms.

Qanba Drone

Qanba N2 Drone Joystick Arcade Fighting Stick

The Qanba Drone is a mini arcade stick that has a low price, but it is almost as good as a regular sized arcade stick. We have chosen it as the best mini arcade stick of the year 2021. It has quality parts and works on the latest PlayStation consoles as well as PC.

Victrix Pro FS

Victrix Pro FS

The Victrix Pro FS is another fan favorite despite having a high price. This is a regular sized arcade stick that can work on the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Its build is high quality. All of those aspects probably explain its hefty price tag.


Although the average price of an arcade stick is approximately $150, that should not be the determining factor of your purchase. Again, arcade sticks of different levels have different prices. If you find an excellent arcade stick that is $150 or lower, you are in luck. Otherwise, it is worth it to invest more in an arcade stick you like because a good arcade stick can determine how well you perform at fighting games. In other words, you are only as good as your tools.

If you are really on a budget, check out our top budget arcade sticks.