Hori Retro Game Controller Preview

Hori Retro Game Controller (Tentative)


As the name states, this is a retro game controller, and its design is going to be based on community feedback. Besides the buttons, it features a “loop lever”, “paddle”, and trackball:

  • The loop lever can go front, back, left, right, diagonal, and also rotate.
  • The paddle is a rotary switch that can perform left and right movements, and depending on whether you rotate it clockwise or counterclockwise, you can control a game however you wish.
  • The trackball is your state-of-the-art trackball that can be rotated omnidirectionally.

You can head on over to Hori to see their 3D models for potential designs, which include individual controllers with partial elements from the design illustrated above as well as controllers that can be attached to each other to put together the controller of your dreams.

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